About us

The purpose of this website is to help new residents understand the challenges of living on the Daintree Coast and to provide information to help plan a comfortable and affordable life with a low ecological footprint in a very beautiful place.

We hope that the information provided is a starting point only, and that an online community evolves around it, where we can share our experiences and learnings to create a resource that is dynamic and topical.

The Daintree Coast is a global biological treasure, the best living record of the 100 million year old Gondwana Forests that once covered most of the globe. According to Professor Nigel Stork, former CEO of the Rainforest CRC, there can be more species of plant here in one hectare, the average allotment size, than in all of the UK. It’s stunningly beautiful and treasured by Australians and people from around the world.

Residential settlement places various pressures on the integrity of this place, together with tourism and big picture issues such as climate change. Residential settlement and the tourist sector also provide the greatest opportunity to look after, repair and present it. The people who live here are the primary stewards of the environment - others include the traditional owners, the Jalunji-Warra bama (Sea-Country people), the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, the Wet Tropics Management Authority the tourism industry, and the three levels of government.

Ultimately the integrity of this place will depend on how we manage own properties, our lifestyles and any contribution we make to improve our own or the larger landscape. We hope community ownership will grow with the backing of good science, local knowledge and government support. Any input, assistance, commentary and constructive criticism is therefore welcome and the website will improve over time. For example we’d like to publish case studies on things like electrical systems, waste water treatment, driveways etc. We’d like to form partnerships with science, government, Jalunji-Warra groups, tourism and others and we’d like to seek resources to maintain the site.

This ethic of a “community of stewards” is our best hope for economy and employment because tourism will survive and prosper only if the environmental values and their presentation are maintained and improved. Visitors like to know the places they visit, value and marvel at are cared for. They are often happy to contribute and they’re interested in how people live here – stewardship and tourism are natural allies.

The information provided here is drawn from long-term residents, tradespeople operating here, science, conservation, Traditional Owners and recent studies in the area to give new and prospective members of the community a launching pad to understanding the unique challenges and considerations of life here.  We hope you will also contribute your own insights and, in a few years, find yourself mentoring a new neighbor. We hope the community will use this site to share information and improve our collective knowledge to help us all minimise our impact and improve livability. Ultimately it will be the residents, their knowledge and their ethos that determines the future of the Daintree Coast.

The making of this website has been funded by an Australian Government grant to the Douglas Shire Sustainability Action Group.