Mission Statement:

“Daintree Landholders – a community of stewards sharing experience for a comfortable lifestyle with a low footprint on the Daintree Coast.”


We seek to understand the ecosystem and our needs and how they impact one another.

  • Assessing our threats.
  • The Daintree Coast, Rainforest, Creeks and rivers, Reef and Coast, Cassowaries, Threats
  • Welcome to the tropics
  • Get to know your property                                                                                      [more]

Reducing Impacts

We collect and promote science and local knowledge to reduce impacts and improve livability.

  • Reducing our impact and assessing out threats
  • Tropical house design, Toilets and wastewater, Driveways, Water
    Power, Keeping pets, Revegetation



We embrace diversity of experience and circumstance, and work collectively for the health of the entire landscape.

  • Having a positive impact
  • Case studies Jalunji-Warra bama


The Daintree Coast

We protect the integrity of the whole landscape by overcoming the impacts of fragmentation and being an informed and motivated community of stewards.


“the most spectacular and diverse rainforest region on earth”
Sir David Attenborough.                                                                                                           [more]