The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries'  weed resource directory  provides informative guidelines for identification and control of weeds using insecticides/ herbicides.

A few key issues to consider:

  • Rainforest soils are typically very low in nutrients.  Any nutrients added will affect the range of flora it can support, and all pollutants will eventually make their way into the waterways and the reef.
  • Many septic systems, installed prior to new council regulations, are poorly located.  If an upgrade is on the cards consider siting away from watercourses.
  • Septic systems require sludging ever 3-5 years.  If yours is due, or you don’t know when it was last sludged, call the Douglas Shire Council for guidance. If your septic smells, you may have upset the biological activity by allowing inappropriate chemicals to enter the system.  There are commercially available activators that can reintroduce the appropriate micro-organisms. When shopping for detergents seek out the ones that are septic compatible.
  • Herbicides are fairly indiscriminate and can kill surrounding vegetation if used incorrectly.  Always read and follow the manufacturer’s directions.  
  • It is easy to spill diesel or petrol while filling generators.  Position the generator shed away from drainage lines so the effect of spills is localised.  Keep the fuel storage area close to the generator to minimise spills while transporting it.