Climate Change  (having a positive impact)

Climate change is not something a community our size can stop on its own, though it will most certainly have an effect.  The more resilient the ecosystem is however, the more likely it is to adapt to new weather patterns. Everything we do to minimise our footprint and to repair the damage already done will help.  Here are some ways we can have a positive impact:

A significant area of the Daintree coastal lowlands have been cleared or degraded.  

  • you can help reverse this by donating to or volunteering on a Rainforest Rescue revegetation project (sign up to their mailing list to find out about upcoming opportunities),
  • by starting a revegetation project of your own,
  • putting a Conservation Covenant on you land,
  • or gifting or bequeathing it to Rainforest Rescue so that it is conserved in perpetuity.

We welcome you to browse the following two resources for further information about the affect of climate change on the Daintree:

This video features work done by  James Cook University and CSIRO that looks at the implications of climate change for Far North Queensland.

This link is for  access the full Report on Climate Change Issues and Impacts in our region.