toilets and effluent


choosing a contractor


type of system

Choosing the right toilet system will reduce your pollution and good design can minimise unnecessary land clearing.  There are three main options (septic, waste water plant and composting toilets) each with their benefits and limitations, but not all will be suitable for your site or your power set-up.  Find out your options and choose your system carefully to suit your block, household, budget and power supply.


Conditions north of the river are unique - make sure you get a local contractor with plenty of experience here to advise on and install your system.  The wrong decision will be expensive and potentially dangerous to the health of your family and neighbours.  Here is a basic overview of your options and costs, and some tips to finding a good supplier and installer.

  • Ask potential contractors and suppliers how often and how many installations they have made in the area, and if you can see a job they have done (preferably one that’s no longer brand new).
  • Try to find someone that can supply, install and service the system themselves – they will have a better understanding of how the product performs over time.
  • You will need to get a soil and site assessment done to determine what your choices are – depending on the height of your ground water and distance from creeks and bores you may be restricted in what you can use. Steer clear of any contractor who skips this step – your system will be illegal and likely be of inferior quality or unsuited to the site.  It could become a very expensive decision.
  • Whatever system you are considering, try to find a local who already has one, and visit it.