Feral Animals

  • Pigs are one of the biggest threats to waterways, digging up the banks and floodplains to cause erosion.

Pigs are a vector for animal and plant diseases, which they spread through contamination of water sources.

If you have a pig problem on your property, Douglas Shire Council will provide pig traps, and euthanase trapped pigs for you – see their fact sheet for details.  You can also engage a pig hunter, but keep in mind that dogs, particularly trained hunting dogs, are a significant threat to Cassowaries and native macropods.  If you do think the problem warrants a hunter, try to avoid ones that use dogs, especially multiple dogs.

If you are using your own pig traps, make sure they aren’t going to trap native wildlife such as Cassowaries and wallabies.

  • While at present there are no known feral fish, Telapia are south of the Daintree and irresponsible recreational fishers have been known to relocate this species into other catchments.